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Christian Community Ministries is a registered charity which looks to serve the needy in a practical caring way. At the same time we try to show the Love of Jesus Christ and to share His gospel of Repentance, Forgiveness and Reconciliation to God the Father.
CCM in Romania

Christian Community Minstries was born out of a God-given vision to provide relief from poverty and sickness and to further the Christian faith. CCM first became aware of the Asociatia Autism Transilvania when they asked if they could have some shoeboxes from the Christmas Appeal for the children in the centre. We were happy to oblige and over the years relationships have developed between the Directors of the Association and the Trustees of CCM.

From Simple Beginnings
One of the Directors of the TAA, Milena Pruna, is a mother of a child with Autism. She tried to get a place in school for her daughter but every school refused her entry. The last school she tried was a Christian school where she was finally accepted. Milena's daughter changed. She started praying before meals, taking about Jesus and singing songs she had been taught. Milena went to talk to the teachers in the school and found herself giving her life to Jesus.

This amazing testimony was just the beginning. Together with other parents of Autistic children, Milena set about changing the bleak future many other children with Autism and their families faced. Under Communism, Autism was not recognised. There was no means of diagnosis, there were no studies, no assessments, no training and crucially no support for those that needed it most.

The Association was started in 2006 with the mission of improving the life conditions and adaptability of children with autistic spectrum disorders as well as increasing the quality of their lives and that of their families. Their long term vision is to see a more tolerant and responsible society towards people with autistic spectrum disorders.

In the first 5 years the achievements of the Autism Association are far reaching:
  • Over 100 children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) have or are benefitting directly from the services of the TAA
  • Over 40 children with ASD have been integrated into Nursery or Primary School
  • Parents have been educated about Autistic conditions and are constantly involved in the therapy of their children
  • Financial support and gifts have been offered to the families at Easter, Children's Day (1st June) and at Christmas
  • TAA provides specialist training days for parents and school teachers
  • Educational leaflets and posters have been distributed within the local community
  • They have co-ordinated 9 awareness and information campaigns and held 9 fundraising events
  • After a local trial, TAA initiated a project to change the law in Romania. Now passed the Law 151/2010 focusses on the early diagnosis of autism with screening of all children aged 0 - 3 years. The law is not yet fully applied because of lack of support from the relevant institutions but this is a very significant step for the families of children with ASD.
For more information from the Asociatia Autism Transilvania, click here.

Forging Links with the UK
Links are now in the process of being formed with specialist schools here in the UK like Rosebank School in Barnton. All the staff at the TAA are trained in their own field but not directly in the therapy of ASD. What the staff there need most is specific, relevant and up-to-date training in their own field, in relation to children with Autism. It is hoped that the relationship will work to the benefit of both groups. The specialist training and education from the UK will help everyone in Romania, but the resourcefulness of the staff in Romania will perhaps encourage those in the UK too.

Child at TAA receives a Shoebox Christmas Present
Transilvania Autism Association
A blind girl plays with her Christmas Shoebox gift

Child receiving therapy using the computer at the Centre
Using the computer during a therapy session

Developing fine motor skills

Child Receiving Therapy
Another young girl receiving therapy at the Centre
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